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Swinging in the hammock

The Secret is Out!!!

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Bloggy has been rather quiet for the past few months, in fact some might say secretive.

Quiet would imply simply relaxing and ‘hanging out’ with nature, enjoying the fantastic summer weather which carried on into Autumn, you know the feeling. Lying on the hammock, gently swaying in the breeze, sipping a cocktail and contemplating life……..oh sorry did I forget to mention we have purchased a hammock and a swinging hammock seat for the Lodges? Oh how remiss of Bloggy to keep that quiet!

Hanging out in the garden

Secretive on the other hand implies the hatching of something much bigger. And you would be correct in thinking that BECAUSE GUESS WHAT’S COMING TO LODGES AT THE MAINS?

What more could you ask for if you were to have a lovely romantic weekend/week/honeymoon/short break or ‘let’s just escape’ break, than a 5 star Lodge, beautiful surroundings, peaceful setting, furnished and equipped to the highest standard, excellent green credentials, lovely views, wood burner – need I go on?

Well….what about a WOOD FIRED HOT TUB! Totally natural and in keeping with the Birch wood setting.

YES…. they are on order and due to arrive in November. Just imagine sitting out under the stars in a beautiful oval hot tub for two. No chemicals, just soft clear Scottish water heated by a wood fired stove. Perfect for those romantic evenings – just add a glass of champagne, your favourite music – lie back, relax and let the happiness soak in….mmmmm hmmmmmmmm.  Keep your eyes on Facebook for a first look!

So apart from the fact the weather is now decidedly autumnal and the trees are changing to orange, yellow and red, the hedgerows are bursting with sloe berries, rosehips, and late brambles. The conkers are falling off the horse chestnut trees and a myriad of other changes marking the new season, we think it only fair you should come and have a break to see for yourselves. We don’t mind sharing, in fact, we love it.

Check out the availability or send an enquiry with dates for your short break and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. All breaks booked pre hot tub arrival are subject to 10% discount but hey not everyone likes sitting outside in the bath! So for those there is still, and always will be, our gorgeous inside Jacuzzi style bath in its own room with views of the stars.

Just before I finish, we spent a weekend up in the Orkney Islands earlier on in the year and came back to Croy via part of the NC500.

It wasn’t until we got home we realised we are actually ten minutes from Inverness where the route starts! SO if you fancy touring the very far west/north coast of Scotland on this world famous route, what a great start to fly into Inverness airport (2.8 miles from the Lodges) and make the NC500 part of your itinerary. Easily done in two stages. This is a lovely time as the roads are much quieter too!

Autumn in the Highands is an amazing time to visit. Just let us know what you are interested in and we’ll do our best to suggest locations, be it photographing the crested tit at Loch Garten or an interest in the fishing history of the area the list is endless.

Looking forward to seeing you. What are you waiting for? Book now!